Why Pensacola Residents Choose Guardian Rent-a-Car

I was talking with the owner of Guardian Rent-a-Car one day, about who his customers actually are. He told me that the majority of the people renting cars from Guardian are from the local Pensacola area.

When you think about that, you can devine something interesting. If the locals choose a small, owner-operated company for their car rental needs, rather than the big national names, there’s a reason.

The reason the locals choose Guardian is simple: better service. Since the big national chains have thousands of employees to serve customers, you get treated like just another number.

Guardian, on the other hand, treats each customer like part of their family. It may sound kind of corny, but it’s true that people in small owner-operated companies tend to treat their customers with more compansion and friendliness.

When you rent your next car, whether you live in the Pensacola area or somewhere else and are visiting us, do yourself a favor. Choose Guardian Rent-a-Car and enjoy the VIP treatment this time.

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