Why choosing an Independent Car Rental agency is a good idea

Wherever you travel, you usually have two options if you want to rent a car: Opt to rent from a franchise or go to the local independent agency. Unfortunately, many folks don’t take the time to look up rates and instead find themselves going with the well-known brand and pay considerably more for something they don’t have to be paying more for.

While franchises bring with them the power of nationally recognized brands and company names, many lack the customer care and flexibility that many of today’s modern consumers demand. Why? Because at the end of the day, an independent agency’s goal is to support you, the customer. The big box brand name’s job is to grow the business for corporate stakeholders.

Here are some reasons you should consider visiting a local, independent car rental agency for your next trip:

They make their own rules, regulations and policies

Anyone who is franchised by another company is forced to play by someone else’s rules. While there are great aspects to franchising – including the brand recognition and support – there’s very little wiggle room in terms of being able to meet your customer’s needs at the hyper local level. Simply put, independent car rental companies enjoy a lot more freedom and that helps them provide you with better care and superior service.

Better pricing

When you rent with a Hertz or Dollar, both you and the company are bound by overarching price structures that means your rate is locked in no matter where you’re located. In addition, you’ll be hit with hordes of upsell opportunities in an attempt to get you to buy a bunch of things you don’t need. At the independent company – they update their pricing structure in order to stay competitive. That allows them to offer significantly better promotions based on their local markets – whether that’s basing them off local events or their peak tourism season.

Local focus

Corporations are looking at growing their brand national. Independent dealers want to grow locally. Growing locally means carving out a strong reputation, providing great service and even better pricing.



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