Top 10 Cars Most Likely to Get a Ticket

The car that you drive is not what will get you pulled over by the cops, even if it’s red. It’s how you drive it that matters. But certain drivers seem to be attracted to the cars that get stopped the most.

Last October, online insurance information provider published a list of cars that had been pulled over in the past three years. This list comes from data on 526 models and analyzed online quote information submitted by 557,238 drivers from Jan. 1, 2013, to July 2014. They included any driver who had some kind of traffic violation in the last three years.

So, what are the most ticketed cars in the U.S.? This may surprise you.
1. Subaru WRX
The compact and fast WRX tops the list with 33.6 percent of it’s drivers have some kind of driving violation in their recent histories. Cars don’t get tickets, drivers do – but those drivers like the WRX.

2. Pontiac GTO
Even though the Pontiac brand has vanished does not stop people from loving the famous muscle car, and breaking laws in it—32.7 percent of GTO drivers have gotten nailed by police.

3. Scion FR-S
Rounding out the bottom of the top three, 32.6 percent of Scion FR-S drivers have tickets.

4. Toyota Supra
Another defunct model that seems to still attract risk-takers and speed demons, 30.8 percent of Supra drivers have some kind of blemish on their recent records.

5. Subaru Tribeca
Subaru is another well represented brand on this list, and 29.7 percent of those who drive the Tribeca SUV have relatively recent driving violations on their records.

6. Volkswagen Rabbit
What became the Volkswagen Golf was once called the Rabbit, but 29.6 percent of those driving the original Rabbit are still hopping into police traps.

7. Mercury Topaz
Despite the fact that this car has long been discontinued, 28.8 percent of Mercury Topaz driver have had some kind of driving violation on their records.

8. Scion tC
Scion is the most ticketed brand overall on’s longer top 20 list, and 28.8 percent of Scion tC drivers have received tickets.

9. Toyota FJ Cruiser
This discontinued SUV still has a few fans—and 28.4 percent of them have been accused of breaking a traffic law.

10. Mazda2
What is now called the Mazda Demio was once the Mazda2, but it appears a lot of people are still driving around in the old versions, and 28.1 percent of those drivers have some kind of ticket on their records in the last three years.


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