Tips that can make you a more savvy traveler

On this blog we’re always talking about technical advice – things like how to get good deals on rental cars, which cars fit your trip, things you shouldn’t do – all that kind of stuff. But this month we’re going to take a turn and veer off the proverbial road so to speak.

Today we’re going to help you become a little more ‘travel savvy’ and share out some tips that can help even the most experienced travelers get more enjoyment out of their next big adventure. Let’s jump right in!

Book your flights 2-3 months in advance

Want to get the best possible price on your flight? Book it about 2-3 months out. Too far out or too close to your departure date and you can see as much as a 20% increase in the price. So stay in that sweet spot and you’ll save yourself some precious coin.

Purchase a small backpack or suitcase

One word of advice we always give is to pack light. The more mobile you are, the more things you can do and you’d be surprised at what you actually don’t need. Keeping a smaller backpack or suitcase allows you to maintain your mobility and forces you to pack a little lighter.

Take an extra bank card or credit card with you

Travel disasters CAN happen – so be sure that you’re prepared. Keep a backup credit card or debit card with you at all times – separate from your wallet. God forbid the worst happens, you’ll have access to money to get you around. Oh and also – be sure that the card is a no-fee card. Sometimes banks will ding you for using your card overseas. Call your bank and find out!

Always visit the tourism office

We all tend to avoid these places because we think of them as being corny; but trust us when we tell you that’s a big mistake. They can help point you to a whole boatload of cool, affordable activities you might not have considered. Lots of places also sell/give out these crazy ‘passport’ programs where you can get huge discounts at certain points of interest and other destinations on your trip.


Eating while traveling could be its own blog on its own; but we can shoot some quick tips to you right now. First – if you’re going to eat at an expensive restaurant – eat there during lunch. Prices will be significantly less expensive. Second – DO NOT eat near major tourist locations. You’ll be paying more for the same food just because. In fact – the best food is usually off the beaten path – so do some research in advance and even better – ask the locals. They’ll know!


Traveling is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have as a human. Hopefully these tips will help make things go a little bit smoother! Good luck and if you’re in the Pensacola area and need to rent a car, you know who to call! Good luck and safe travels!

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