Things you should know when renting a car

There are some things a renter needs to know when approaching the car rental desk. Make sure you’re prepared with these rental car tips:

  • Look for cosmetic damage. Take a walk around the car and make note of anything that looks out of place. If you do find any damage, make sure to report it before you leave the lot.
  • Get in the rental car and get comfortable with the new dashboard, brakes, shifter and other controls before leaving. Being comfortable with the car before you leave the parking lot will help you stay focused and safe on the road.
  • Ask about fees. Review the fees thoroughly before you sign the agreement and ask for an explanation of the costs if you don’t understand them.
  • Decide who will be driving. Take these driver choices into consideration when booking your rental car to ensure you’re appropriately covered should something happen while you or someone in your party is driving.
  • Check for rental car insurance. The best plan is to call your own car insurance company before you ever rent and ask exactly what coverage you have to ensure you’re protected.

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