The TSA’s Rule Changes And How They Impact You

So beginning last year, the TSA raised a few eyebrows when they announced they were going to allow travel passengers carry pocket knives less than a particular length (alongside hockey sticks, mini baseball bats, etc). They say the new rule is in place largely to allow officers to direct their attention to larger threats instead of getting caught up chasing menial items that – let’s face it – aren’t likely to result in a catastrophic event on the plane.

As such, a whole myriad of opinions have been rolling in on the rule change. Some seem to be extremely excited about the TSA’s approach as some feel it moves towards more of an international standards for air travel. Others are against the change, with the memories of 9/11 still all-too-burned into their memories. Opponents seem to feel that allowing some of these items on a plane might leave an open invite to more outlandish individuals.

Still, you’d be surprised. Of the 1.6 million passengers that travel across the 450 airports in the United States, 1,500 guns were confiscated in 2013, a record for something that obviously isn’t allowed on the plane.

While explosives, flammable materials and chemicals are still obviously not allowed on your next flight, you can bring certain Martial Arts weapons, tools, sports gear, etc. Certain firearms, should you have the proper permitting, can be check in bags. Getting a little confused? That’s OK. The TSA has a page up that outlines everything you can – and CANNOT bring on your next flight. It was just re-approved and it’s always good to check out so you know for the future. While forgetting a lighter in your bag won’t get you as much hassle as it used to, you still can’t bring it on board. It’s items like those that you should be cognizant of.

Feel free to check out the link by clicking here. On it you’ll be able to search for what you can bring and avoid any potential issues that might arise in the future. Sure, we know it’s not all about cars this month, but hey- at our core we’re all about making your trip a friendlier one!


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