Taking the edge off long road trips

Are you getting ready to head off on the road trip of a lifetime? Whether you’re looking to save some money or find those special places off the beaten path – today we’re going to share with you a few tips that can help you get the most out of your next big road trip.

Whatever your reason for hitting the road, our advice will help make the trip a little bit easier and a whole lot more fun. Let’s jump right in!

Mix your plan up

Sounds a little weird, right? Aren’t plans supposed to be things that keep you organized? Well in this case, yes and no. First off it’s important to have an overarching master plan. The big stops, the must-see activities and destinations – make sure that’s there. And be sure to try to stick to it, too. Road maps are for memories so make sure you add stops along the way that ensure you’ll enjoy what you see along the way.

That being said – be sure to leave plenty of fun for those things that just look cool and that you can’t resist. Check out points of interest. Explore the exotic store. Eat and the cool looking roadside food truck. Turn rest stops into activities to tire the kids out. Whatever it might be – be sure to leave plenty of time for the spontaneous.

Carry cash

Make sure you have a sizeable hunk of cash with you when you travel. This has a whole myriad of benefits. For one – it can help you cost-save a bit. If you’re working on a budget – this can help ensure that you only spend what you have in your hands. On the other hand – it’s also good in case you lose your card or if your debit card gets stolen. Make sure you have some backup cash on hand.

Keep your essentials close

Having a backpack filled with the important stuff can really take the edge off your trip. Keep things like hand sanitizer, tissues, prescriptions, sun block, chargers, and a mini first aid kit – all that good stuff – keep it in your bag and have it handy. Especially when you’re carrying little ones around – it can make a huge difference.

Take turns

Take turns driving. You’re going to get tired and we all know about the hazards of driving when you’re drowsy. Break the trip up and share the responsibility. Don’t place the burden all on one person.

Pack supplies and snacks

One of the biggest budget busters on a road trip can be all the money you randomly decide to spend on food to and from destinations. While the occasional meal is great and even an essential ingredient of a good road trip – meals out don’t have to be the only food you consume. Pack things like snacks, fruit, nuts and other food so you can snack over the course of your trip. This helps fight hunger and keeps you from splurging unnecessarily.

Just as important – it’ll save you from some very restless, ‘hangry’ kids!

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