Staying alert while driving

One of the most dangerous things a person can do is drive tired on the road. Not only could you get yourself hurt and damage your car – you could also seriously hurt someone else. Let’s be crystal clear, here – if you’re tired then don’t drive because driving long distances and trying to maintain a level of alertness can be really risky.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to make sure you stay alert and don’t get to that dangerous, drowsy point while driving. Let’s jump right in!

Be sure to plan

Seems a little obvious, but making sure you’re well rested is an important part of any big trip. Make sure you have time allotted for breaks in your itinerary and avoid driving between midnight and early morning. Try to stay away from meals that might make you sleepy and most certainly stay away from alcoholic beverages.

Don’t ignore the signs

It’s easy to become fixated on getting to your destination and ignore your sleepy signs. If you find yourself distracted, yawning or having difficulty focusing on the road – then you should pull over and take a much needed breather. Always remember – arriving better is always better than not arriving because you were in an accident.

Keep the window open

Fresh air naturally makes us both more alert and awake. Especially in the winter where a car’s heater can settle in and give us that comfortable, sleeping heat; cracking your window and letting the breeze blow in your face and allowing yourself some fresh air can be just the pick me up you need.

Listen to the radio

Make sure you’ve got some sort of background noise or something to focus on while you’re driving that will keep you awake. Some people like audiobooks, some like podcasts other like their own mixes. Whatever does it for you is what you should use.

Drive with someone else

Especially if you’re going on a long trip – be sure to bring someone along. They’ll help keep up a conversation, keep you laughing and will also serve as someone who you can potentially trade seats with and take breaks with here and there.


It’s important to remember though – that the above are only temporary solutions. If you’re feeling drowsy or feel like you might be experiencing fatigue – then it’s time to take a break and do the responsible thing. Your option is basically one thing: stop driving and don’t start again until you’re fully refreshed and ready to go.


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