Renting a car: It’s all about the details

Deciding exactly which car to rent for your next trip can seem a little daunting on it’s face – but with a little experience and a little friendly advice – you can find the right car to take you on your next big adventure. Today, we’re going to offer up some tips about a few of the things you should be thinking about when it’s time for you to rent a car.

There are parameters to consider, deals to mull and amenities to weigh. When all is said and done, we’re hoping that this blog will help you find the right car for your trip. Let’s jump right in!

Being honest about your itinerary

The type of vehicle you rent should be the one best suited to your trip. So while it might be your dream to go all out renting a sports car for a road trip – and while we’d be happy that you’d pay us to rent it – we’re here to tell you that’s probably not the wisest choice.

If you’re planning on a long trip, don’t cut corners with your budget and invest in large rental that will allow people to stay comfortable. If you’re traveling to a city keep mobility and ease of use in mind. And hey maybe that short solo trip would present you with the opportunity to rent that sports car. But the moral of the story here is – choose a car that fits your needs – whether that’s comfort, mobility or whatever it might be. Be honest about what kind of trip you’re going on and get a car that fits the trip’s needs – not just yours.

For intercity travel

If you’re going urban for your next trip, you’ll want something that can zip in and out of spaces and is easy to drive. Cities are tight, so you’ll want something that’s got an automatic transmission and has extra safety features like sensors and cameras. In addition – you’ll want a car that’s easy to park and gets really good gas mileage in the city. In the urban jungle, mobility is king – so make sure you choose something more compact and that can get you from point A to point B with as little hassle as possible.

For intra-city travel

If you’re going on a long road trip, then you’ll want to be built for comfort and space. You’ll want great fuel economy – as you’ll be driving a lot. Additionally, things like legroom and storage space need to be factored into your decisions. No one wants to be cramped in a car for long periods of time and nobody wants to get crushed by their luggage. Make sure your road tripping vehicle has plenty of comfort and space as you’ll be depending on it to not only get you to where you’re going – but also as a place where you’ll be recharging the batteries a little bit. Keep that in mind.

When you rent, regardless of where you’re going

While the type of trip will dictate a lot with regards to what kind of car you rent – there are some universal rules that you should follow no matter what. Make sure you both pay for your rental with your credit card and book in advance. Not only do some credit card companies offer discount deals for booking rental cars in advance, but they also come with hidden benefits like rental car insurance baked into their deal. That can mean significant cost savings so long as you’re a little bit more organized than usual.

Also, you’ll want to make sure you do your own due diligence before you get into the car. Inspect the vehicle itself before you drive. Not only is this an important thing in terms of safety, but any scratches or minor bumps should be identified so you don’t get charged for them later on.

Hopefully, these tips will help make renting a car a little easier for you on your next trip. Until then, stay safe, have fun and good luck!

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