Rental Car Drop off 101

This one is for some of you rookies out there who haven’t ever rented a car before and aren’t sure what to do when you bring it back. We’re sure you’ve probably hard some not-so-great stories from your peers in the past but rest assured that if you do these four, basic things – dropping off your car should be a breeze.

Let’s jump right in!

Check the agreement

Be sure to take a quick glance through your rental agreement before you leave the place you’re staying. It should include information on the places where you can drop your car off, what time it needs to be dropped off and requirements on the gas tank. The agreement is a contract and not abiding by it could result in your paying extra fees, so be careful to go over it in full.

Return the car on time

Being on time is a basic adult skill, but making sure you return your rental car on time is really, really important. Companies like ours handle hundreds of reservations a day and are depending on you to return cars when you promise you will. That makes sure that our fleet is used efficiently and that everyone is served as fairly as possible.

Be sure to plan for the day you leave so that you take time to account for traffic and the like.

Fill your tank

Chances are you won’t be too familiar with the surrounding area around a rental car drop off station. Take a gander at your phone or a map the night before and get an idea of where the nearest gas station is. That way, you can fill the tank upon return. While it might be a little bit more convenient for you to not fill the gas tank, the convenience will cost you. Companies will charge you on a per gallon rate that’s more expensive than local gas rates. Just get the car filled up and save some money.

One last walkthrough

Give your car a once over in the parking lot BEFORE you bring your rental back. Check to make sure you have all your belongings but also check to see if there is any damage to the interior or exterior of the automobile. Make notes of trouble area, too. If there is damage, then we recommend you take photos of it and write it down.

If you have questions about dropping off your car, just give us a call. We want to you to spend as little time as possible thinking about us and as much time as possible doing and enjoying the things that caused you to travel in the first place. Just follow these four basic tenants, and your drop off should go smoothly.


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