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Remember These Pensacola Car Rental Helpful Tips

After the excitement of planning a trip, you walk into a Pensacola Car rental company and the question comes up. Do you want to add car rental insurance? There is a misconception that car rental insurance is a waste of money, until the day comes that you are faced with having to figure out what to do after an accident. Many believe that relying on car insurance coverage on a credit card will protect you. We want to clear the air on this topic to help you become more aware of how important it is to insure yourself while renting a car.


We highly recommend that you find out the details of your credit card rental insurance and supplement the rest of the coverage through a Pensacola Car rental company. Car insurance comprehensive and liability coverage may or may not include all insurance claims. Make sure to call your auto insurance company to find out the fine details. Any claim you submit to your auto insurance company will increase your premium and driving safely while enjoying your trip should be the main goal.

A majority of Visa cards only take care of towing, damage to a rental car, theft and loss-of-use fees if a driver does not have personal automobile insurance. Additionally, Master Card and Visa do not offer property damage, injury, and damage to other vehicles. If you have your own insurance policy, Visa will reimburse a deductible and a certain number of charges your automobile insurance does not cover. Only a few credit card companies provide primary coverage that covers you even if you do not have personal car insurance.

Pensacola Car Rental Tips On Lost Damage Waiver

The loss damage waiver is very important. It is included in the rental insurance and only covers vehicle damage. If you decide not to select it, you will be responsible for any kind of damage on the car. There are some credit card companies that offer reimbursement up to the value of the car, if it were to become damaged or stolen but personal liability may not be covered if you hurt another driver.

Our Pensacola Car Rental Final Thoughts

Remember to bring proof of personal car insurance or if you purchased third-party coverage. Last but not least, drive safely. We want to see you come back in one piece. If you are planning to drive long distance, bring a reliable driver with you and take turns behind the wheel just in case you end up getting tired.

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