Packing more efficiently for your next vacation

Packing is a lot harder than people think. But trust us when we tell you that once you get it down – it’ll totally be worth it. No one wants to spend the time or money lugging and paying for big bags on your next vacation, let alone trying to find the space for all your things in one of our rental cars.

Lucky for you, packing for your trip is not only going to get better, it’s going to get a lot lighter. Today, we’re here to discuss how you can pack more efficiently – dare we even say – lightly for your next trip out of town. Here’s how to pack light and get more out of your trip!


Pack your must-haves, not the nice-to-haves

Lay out everything you would like to bring with you and then give it some thought. Eliminate all the things you won’t absolutely NEED on your trip. Resist the urge to be over prepared. That’s nice to be ready for anything, but ‘anything’ rarely happens and what actually ends up happening is that the ‘anything’ you were talking about ends up being you stumbling through an airport with and overstuffed bag.

Never pack more than one week’s worth of clothing

Trust us when we tell you its actually easier (and less expensive) to do laundry than it is to carry a big bag around with a weeks’ worth of clothing in it. Pack some versatile outfits and keep the colors simple. That way you’ll be able to mix and match just about any outfit.

The more versatile, the better

You should zero in on items that’ll always be useful to you or be useful in a ton of situations. Think twice about the things that you’ll only use in or on unique situations. Also, it’s probably a good idea to remember that you can often rent something locally if you need it or find a cheap temporary fix if something goes wrong. And yes – don’t fret about forgetting something! Believe it or not – they have shops everywhere! Trust us when we tell you you’ll be able to find toothpaste on the road!

Use the rolling technique

When you pack for your next trip, simply use the rolling technique with all of your clothes. That way, you’ll be able to maximize your space and place whatever you need into your bag. That way when you’re ripping around an airport, in a rush, in and out of cabs, rental cars, tight spaces and bustling streets – that you’ll be able to do so without the cumbersome responsibility of dragging your stuff everywhere.


Always remember – the most important part of your trip should be enjoying it – not spent lugging your belongings across the globe. Good luck on your next trip!

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