Explore The Forgotten Coast

The Forgotten Coast is a quaint area in the Panhandle of Florida. It features bays, rivers and gulf areas of lush fauna and primitive wildlife living in pine forests, natural springs, secluded beaches and backwoods areas.

Settle back and take in the quiet humility of the Sunshine State’s most habitated and gorgeous places to behold. The waters offer sandbars of fish, oysters, mullets to be caught in casting nets, scalloping spits, and deep sea fishing.

Roaming the pine forest and streams you will find the Florida Black Bear, Cypress Knees thousands of years old, springs touting the gentle manatee and numerous state parks.

Just 200 miles from Pensacola, you can find Apalachicola, which features one of the largest oyster beds in the state. There are tons of protected nature forests and historic areas in the three county areas of Gulf, Wakulla and Franklin.

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Also, see trailer for the video “The Forgotten Coast – Return to Wild Florida”

THE FORGOTTEN COAST – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Grizzly Creek Films on Vimeo.

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