Devil’s in the details: Little things that can go a long way on your next trip

We mostly travel for pleasure, so it’s kind of ironic that when we decide to take a trip somewhere that most of the decisions are pretty stressful. How much do you spend? How do you get there? Where will you stay? A lot of things have to come together for the trip to be exactly what you want it to be.

But beyond all that, there’s a lot of little, tiny things that can add up and create a smoother travel experience. The kinds of things that take the edge off and allow you to enjoy your trip. Here are some things you can do to make those little things add up to one, big memorable experience. Let’s jump right in!

Be open to off-campus lots

As airports expand, they need more parking spaces. The trouble is finding one. Parking at airports is expensive and plenty of great deals can be found by driving down the street to lots who are off campus in all but name. If you’re an economy minded traveler, it makes more sense to leave your car there. Not just to save some money, but keeping it so you can spend it in a place that you actually want to spend it.

Make sure your essentials are in your carry-on

If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it a ton of times. People lose their bag and with it goes their toothpaste, shampoo, toiletries, clothes and the like. In fact at least one bag gets lost on every single US flight. Crazy, right?

That’s why it’s important to make sure you pack all your essentials in your carry on bag so you know you won’t lose it. We’d also recommend making sure you pack one set of clothes as well. That way if you ever do lose your bag, you’ll have a clean change of clothes!

Remember your info

Kind of an all-encompassing tip – but be sure to remember things like your flight numbers, hotel information and the like. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have everything on hand that you need. Keep things like your boarding pass as it’s a proof of travel that can be used for tax purposes and as a proof of travel. Remember your flight number, too. Seems like no-brainer but some airports don’t list the full names of destinations or only list their flights by number alone. This’ll save you potential headaches.

Get a City Pass

CityPass is an incredible tool if you’re going to be here or Canada. They’re a fantastic way of saving money and will allow you to get into a ton of museums and attractions at either a substantially discounted price or entirely free. It also allows you access to public transit that allows you to get around seamlessly.


The next time you travel, remember these trips and hopefully they’ll make things go smoother. Good luck and safe travels!

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