Tips for saving lots of money and headaches with your car rentals

Whenever anyone is renting a car – they want to try and spend as little money as possible. Trust us, we’re right there Pensacolawith you. We’re not a national brand like Avis or Hertz – in fact – we’re nestled here in Pensacola, FL – so we can share some advise with you other agencies might not be as eager to share – and with good reason! Here are some under-the-radar tips we’re sharing to help you save money and headaches on your next car rental – a rental that (hopefully) is with Guardian Rent-A-Car!

Book in advance. Like… well in advance

Renting a car is always cheaper when you book well in advance. Not only will you get a better rate, but you’ll also enjoy a superior selection of cars and flexibility as to where and when you rent. Also, companies like ours run coupons and discounts for a reason – to get you in the door! Call us and ask and you’ll likely end up seeing fairly significant savings.


Try to avoid the airport

With a lot of big rental car companies, you end up paying all kinds of taxes. Why? Because people who rent cars don’t usually live (or vote) in the areas they rent in. A typical trip can cost you in upwards of 11% airport fee, $5+ licensing fee, more local sales tax and again – if you’re at the airport – a $12 airport rental fee. So what was a $50 rental just turned into $75+. Long story, short – you’re best off taking a cab and coming to a place like ours, and saving some money.


Don’t let the world know you’re driving a rental

OK. Honestly – this is as much for us as it is for you! Rental cars scream ‘hey, I’m from out of town, probably have some money and some goodies in this car. Come get ‘em!” For the sake of our bottom line don’t do things like leaving valuables in your car and ESPECIALLY don’t leave your rental agreement floating around on the dashboard/passenger seat. You’re inviting a break in. Also for your peace of mind, make sure that the things you care about are safe. We want our cars to be in good condition and you want your things to be safe. So be sure to lock those sorts of things up or carry them along with you! Safety first!


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