The best ‘bliesure’ destinations

Traveling for both business and pleasure is becoming more of the norm these days – or at least people are doing it more openly. Work hard, play hard is becoming an important mantra not just for individuals – but for businesses too, as they see the value in their employees having a little stress-free time to take in the world around them.

We have all sorts of awful names for everything these days, so business and leisure time is now referred to as ‘bleisure’ and we’re not sure how we feel about that, but don’t blame us, we’re just the messenger! Whatever people want to call it though, it’s a good thing and car rental companies like ours all over the country benefit from people not looking at certain travel occasions with as narrow a focus as they have in the past.

More relevant today is that there are plenty of sites out there right now that people prefer for ‘bleisure’ more than others. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Here are some of the most popular destinations for people who like to work hard – and play hard, too!

Let’s jump right in!

San Diego/Julian, California

It should go without saying that we talk to a ton of travelers and it’s hard to find anyone who has anything bad to say about San Diego. The weather is nice, the food is off the charts, it’s not nearly as expensive as Los Angeles and there’s a lot of hidden, amazing things you can do there that aren’t tourist traps.

One of those places is the small mountain town of Julian which is about 60 miles north of the city. Hop into your car for an hour and go to a town that literally looks and feels like a California time warp. Hiking there offers some wild views and Julian Pie Company has the best apple pie you’ll ever eat.

Seattle, Washington

Known for its tech and aerospace prowess, Seattle is one of the country’s hottest places for young people to do business in. Part of the reason for that is the serene look and feel of the city and its amenities. Whether it’s a lunch meeting at Pike Place Market or a night out to talk big deals in the Belltown neighborhood – Seattle has something for you regardless of how you like to do business.

And for a treat, chug up to Bellingham if you have a free day. It’s about an hour and a half north – but trust us – it’s worth it. It’s the perfect town to escape the city for a day. You can take a cruise and Village Books is one of the most iconic small town bookstores in America.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has experienced explosive growth in recent years and of course – a big boost in notoriety thanks to lot of success in sports. From bio tech to its steadfast entrepreneurial culture, there’s a lot being made, invented and discussed in Boston. Its academic strength makes it a frequent home for conventions and other big work gatherings – so don’t be surprised to see yourself there soon.
As for what there is to do, it’s hard to find something NOT to do. Boston is the cradle of America’s revolution and all sorts of sites from the Boston Massacre, to Boston Harbor and the old North Church are there and super cheap to see. Boston’s also home to one of the best sports culture in the US – so a game at Fenway, Gillette Stadium or TD Garden should be on your list – or even a college hockey game at one of a half dozen historical old arenas in the city.

And if you’re feeling adventurous – there’s the coastal town of Portsmouth, NH which looks like it was teleported from 1800 or even other historical alcoves like Salem, MA or Plymouth. All of which are within an hour’s drive of Boston-proper. And we also hope you brought your drinking shoes – because Massachusetts is the craft beer capital of the world!

Denver, Colorado

Denver is so beautiful that it’s painful. If your boss tells you you’re going there, you should be really happy. Food, cocktails, BBQ (!!) and business. There’s a laid back undertone to this rocky mountain hotspot as well – that you simply don’t get in more coastal destinations.

And in terms of getting away – there’s probably isn’t a better place. There’s Colorado Springs 70 miles to the south, or for the adventurous – the Red Rocks concert site. Then there’s the Garden of the Gods which is so breathtaking that we’re just going to leave it at ‘you need to see it.’ Because you do.


America is an incredible country with so much to offer and do. But if you’re a professional looking to mix a little play in with your work –you can’t go wrong with any of these destinations. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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