Road Trip tricks with kids

We’re sure you’ve heard from people that once you have kids that your travel days are pretty much over and frankly – that’s not true. Is it a little more expensive? Sure is – but traveling with a family isn’t the hassle some people make it out to be. In fact, it can be one of the best experiences you have as a family.

Some of our most common customers are families with kids. They’re gearing up either for the last leg of a trip or hopping in a rental to hit the road. Either way – while traveling with kids can be exciting for them, there are some setbacks. When it comes to those long trips in our rental cars – we’re sure you’ll have a few. Here are some tips to dealing with typical kids-related travel issues on road trips and how to better manage them.

Let’s jump right in.

Plan your vacation with them

Include your kids in the planning for your next trip. Let them pick some destinations with you and feel like what they want to do really matters – and do it because it should! There is another purpose here though – and that’s that it makes it easier to convince your child to muscle through those last few hours on the road, keep themselves occupied a little longer and hold off on whatever is bothering them – just because they know that carrot is at the end of the stick. Make kids a part of the process!

I’m tired

While it doesn’t always seem like it – kids don’t have the kinds of gas tanks that we do. They need some rest and that goes for rest at night and even some respites during the day – especially if they’re little. Be sure that you plan your road trip in a way and manner that is not completely overwhelming.

I’m bored

Nothing drives a parent crazier than ‘I’m bored’ being bleated out from the back seat (or anywhere else for that matter). While you’ll never fully overcome this objection at any point in time as your children grow up – you can do some things to take the edge off. Make sure you have plenty of activities for them to do in the car, some home comforts like toys, books and snack packs – all of whom can be lifesavers on a trip. And especially if you’re in rental car, plan out some road stop mini-destinations. Things to scrub off the list to say ‘we did that.’ This way, the trip is broken up a little bit more and a bit more bearable for the young ones.

I’m hungry

Snacks are an integral part of any road trip – not just for the kids, but for you, too. Long trips can leave kids cranky and hungry! Also – especially on travel days – try to plan it so breakfast and lunch stops are planned, Like your side-track tourist trap locations along your journey – these help break up the journey but they’re also a more economical choices for meals as they tend to cost significantly less and are considered not-as formal/kid friendly affairs.


Traveling with kids does bring with it some challenges, but the rewards are so much greater. If you’re thinking of hitting the road on your next family vacation, then give us a call! Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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