Are You Covered?

Let’s look at the various types of car insurance available, then go over each to see if you are covered. Read more…


Why choosing an Independent Car Rental agency is a good idea

Wherever you travel, you usually have two options if you want to rent a car: Opt to rent from a franchise or go to the local independent agency. Unfortunately, many folks don’t take the time to look up rates and instead find themselves going with the well-known brand and pay considerably more for something they don’t have to be paying more for. Read more…


Three emerging car rental trends that impact you, the consumer

Time inevitably changes everything and the car rental business is no different. This month, we’ll discuss some of the trends that are impacting not only our industry – but you as the consumer. Let’s jump right in! Read more…


Getting a handle on gas options

Car Rental companies are always looking for new ways to create cash so its no surprise that the gas tank is viewed as a way to do just that. Between convenience charges and penalties – these fees can get a bit confusing. Read more…


Is prepaying for a car rental worth it?

Ford Something

Ford Something

Shopping for car rentals online is almost always a confusing process. One of the choices that customers are most commonly confronted with is whether or not to make your standard reservation (where you don’t provide payment information) or paying for the rental up front ahead of time. Read more…


Travel in 2014 – a new world

With the dawn of 2014 comes a whole host of new travel challenges for the coming year. Some will be easy to overcome with a little ingenuity and extra digging. Other challenges aren’t really challenges at all – they’re simply a new reality that travelers will have to grapple with heading forward; causing them to look to other areas of their vacation planning budget to scale back and save money. This week, we take a look at some of those realities and help you navigate those waters in a way that can help you travel affordably and enjoyably.

Let’s jump right in!

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Cut down the costs on your Holiday car rental

Saving-Money So you’re all set to travel over the forest and through the hills. You’ve got your plane, you know where you’re staying and for how long. Now onto the business of booking that last piece: a rental car.


Travel can be hectic and expensive during the holidays. This week’s post will give you a few pointers on how you can save a little money on your holiday car rental and put it to better use! Let’s jump right in!

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The TSA’s Rule Changes And How They Impact You

So beginning last year, the TSA raised a few eyebrows when they announced they were going to allow travel passengers carry pocket knives less than a particular length (alongside hockey sticks, mini baseball bats, etc). They say the new rule is in place largely to allow officers to direct their attention to larger threats instead of getting caught up chasing menial items that – let’s face it – aren’t likely to result in a catastrophic event on the plane.

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Basic car rental safety tips

Ford Something

Ford Something

Driving a rental car can – and should be – just as easy as driving your own car. However, when something like an accident happens, it can be costly to both you and the dealer. Here are some tips you can use to make sure that your time in a rental car is as safe as possible.

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Five Tips to Avoid Getting Overcharged for Your Car Rental


Overcharging is an issue customers face at Car Rental establishments all over the country. The rate you’re paying might look reasonable, but the bottom line can be shocking once you tally up the dollars and cents. Taxes and fees can be applied to virtually everything – from adding additional drivers and listening to satellite radio to refilling your gas tank.

 Here are some tips you can use to help avoid the pitfalls of the fine print and save money on your next car rental.

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Tips for saving lots of money and headaches with your car rentals

Whenever anyone is renting a car – they want to try and spend as little money as possible. Trust us, we’re right there Pensacolawith you. We’re not a national brand like Avis or Hertz – in fact – we’re nestled here in Pensacola, FL – so we can share some advise with you other agencies might not be as eager to share – and with good reason! Here are some under-the-radar tips we’re sharing to help you save money and headaches on your next car rental – a rental that (hopefully) is with Guardian Rent-A-Car!

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